Home Equity Line - Open Line Of Credit

Get A Home Loan Without Income Verification

Ideal For People Who Are Self Employed

Look What Mortgages Unlimited Can Do:

Got a Home with 25% or more Equity?
Need a Fast $7,500 to $100,000?
Require an OPEN Loan with LOW payments?
Want a Reasonable Rate?
Can't qualify at your Bank?
Consider this - A Personal Line of Credit:
Combines the advantages of a Line of Credit
Convenience of a GOLD VISA

Easy Online Application

Product Advantages
Keep your current 1st mortgage in place.
Completely Open - Make additional payments at any time without penalty.
Use only what you need, when you need it, up to your available credit limit.

Saves You Money
You only pay the interest on the credit you have used.
Replace high interest bills with One Lower monthly payment.
NO Annual Fee.
Covers Auto Collision Insurance at most Car Rental Agencies

Who Qualifies?
Good Credit 580+ Beacon Score - Up to 80% Financing.

Secured to Equity in your home. Must have at least 30% equity.
Minimum $10,000 - Maximum $500,000
Flexible Proof of Income
--NO Employment Letters or Pay Stubs
--NO Copies of Income Tax Returns

Write Your Own Self-Declared Income Letter!!!

Property Type
Marketable Property - Covers most Ontario
Owner occupied, single family dwellings.
-Some rental properties are eligible - For information - Call Us.

lst Mortgage must be up-to-date & with a financial institution.

Program Details
Proceeds cannot be used to purchase real estate.
Card cannot be used in corporate name.
Personal Cheques Available

Minimum Monthly payment as low as 1.0% of balance or min $10.00
--(whichever is greater)

Rates are fixed as low as 6.99%* on outstanding balances.
Interest is based upon credit score & fixed at time of application.
(may be higher depending upon Credit Rating and Home Equity.
Loan is Fully OPEN without penalty.

Low One-Time Set-Up & Broker Fee - Can be charged directly to the account.
First Canadian Title Legal Fee $545.00 - Can also be charged to the account.*
(*Conditions Apply) + Title Search $35.00
Appraisal Fee approx $385.00 plus HST - Paid directly to the appraiser.

Easy Online Application

*Maximum 80% of appraised value. (May be lower in certain areas.)
Rate & minimum payment may vary based upon credit score and loan ratio value.
Full disclosure will be provided upon receipt of application based upon applicant`s
information submitted.

O.A.C.   E.O.& E.
Terms & Conditions Subject To Change Without Notice